Macrolink Group has always taken as its responsibility to be “deeply rooted in industry and committed to serve the country” and actively undertaken social responsibilities. Through 24 years of continuous effort, Macrolink Group has not only ensured the harmonious development of the corporation, but also won respect from society. 


Corporate Care

Macrolink Group has always prioritized the interest of its employees, adhering to the motto “let those value- and success- makers share their story”. In safeguarding their benefits, it is devoted to constantly improving its incentive mechanism, updating training programs, organizing group activities, and offering helpful career planning, giving loving support to every member of the Macolink family. In this way, a cultural atmosphere of “to respect people, trust people, care about people and stimulate people” has been created and the enthusiasm and creativity of all the staff has been greatly encouraged to realize great achievements.


Environmental Protection

Aiming at the “green management“ notion, Macrolink has been striving for zero accident, injury and pollution, and is dedicated to efficient use of clean energy and rational use of various resources. In virtue of the advancing techniques, it has been launching undertakings of energy saving and discharge reducing, making serious efforts for an environmentally-friendly and economical enterprise.


Public Welfare and Donation

Macrolink Group has always been playing an active role in public welfare and been operating a series of longstanding social aid organizations. During the last 24 years, it has donated over 300 million RMB to the national causes such as sports, medicine, education, infrastructure as well as natural disaster reliefs like flood, frost, earthquake, and has been won praises from the society. 

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